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Sherlock: A Study in Emotions 2.0 :iconteamcarlisle:TeamCarlisle 4 1
Mature content
Sherlock: A Study in Emotions Prologue :iconteamcarlisle:TeamCarlisle 8 2
Sherlock: A Recovery Experiment 18.0
Have you ever gone to the cinema and in the middle of the film you see an actor and you know you've seen them before but you just can't remember their name or what else you've seen them in?
Ever since I've returned to London, that's been my life, and I haven't been to the cinema in years. It's frustrating.
Because of this, I spent most of my days in my flat, issued to me by the army until I found a more permanent residence. It was a sad thing, but it was certainly more comfortable than the bunks and tents I'd been staying in during my tour. When I went out, it was for a few bags of food or to go see my therapist, Ella. She was an insufferable woman. I didn't feel like I needed a therapist. She wouldn't tell me what happened or why everything was so frustrating. She just sat there scribbling on her pad, things like "still has trust issues" or "doesn't seem to make friends easily." I certainly didn't need her to tell me negatives about myself. Always negative things in that book, never p
:iconteamcarlisle:TeamCarlisle 2 9
Sherlock: A Recovery Experiment 16.0
It was only my first night shift, and I was already looking down the barrel of a gun. Luckily I had my own.
I didn't know why Mycroft Holmes called me of all people. I mean, I was new to the force, barely had my foot in the door. I mean, the people at the station just told me that he'd called for me. In reality, I was probably sent out because I was Greg Lestrade, low man on the totem pole. Now I was up at 3 in the morning, with a government intern twice my width, going out to save his little brother. I thought the situation would be far different.
Instead, I had a gun in my face while my own was trained on the one holding it. Another man with a gun was nearby. There was a young man on the floor, probably just knocked out, not dead. The brother, who looked nothing like Mycroft, stood across the room in shock, and it almost seemed like he was angry to see his brother.
"Police! Down on the ground!" I shouted in my most authoritative voice. Didn't really hide the fact that I was frightene
:iconteamcarlisle:TeamCarlisle 3 2
Sherlock: A Recovery Experiment 14.0
By the time I got outside, the car was gone. I hadn't even taken down its license plate number, so I found myself with very few options. I didn't want to go after Sherlock, so why was I so scared for him? He made it quite clear that we were not friends and that I only got in the way. If I did go after him he would probably be angered at my attempt to keep him alive when he obviously wanted to die. Lucky for him, I had no idea how I would find him in the first place.
I decided at that moment that I couldn't wait until morning to leave the Holmes residence. I had to get back to Harry and the orphanage so I simply started walking. It would be best to just avoid Mycroft completely. Still have little sense of direction, I just started toward the bakery. From there I hoped to follow familiar surroundings back home.
However, I never made it to the bakery. Just whole blocks from Mycroft's flat, I was confronted by a man dressed similarly to the one who met with Sherlock, mostly black, long coa
:iconteamcarlisle:TeamCarlisle 5 13
Sherlock: A Recovery Experiment 12.0
Perhaps running away from school with Sherlock Holmes wasn't my finest plan. If I had come alone, I would just be back at the orphanage with Harry and the rest of the kids, trying to find a job somewhere, but no, I just had to bring Sherlock with me, and now I was cooped up in his brother's flat because we were being followed. Even though the man had probably already seen us, Sherlock drew the curtains shut, leaving the entire flat in a shadow of silence. He didn't speak, of course. He just sat down in one of the chairs and pressed his fingers together like he always did when he was thinking. Mycroft's house was dreadfully boring, so I picked up the daily newspaper sitting on the dining table. There wasn't much that caught my interest. Frankly, I was surprised that there wasn't an article advertising our escape. I read a few articles, trying desperately to find something that wasn't the same as what I read yesterday. As I flipped through the pages, I came to a mostly monochrome picture
:iconteamcarlisle:TeamCarlisle 8 5
Sherlock: A Recovery Experiment 10.0
It all happened so fast, I barely had an idea of what happened until it was all over. I was obviously in the presence of above average intelligence, at least in the ways of Sherlock and that James person. Dialog was exchanged so rapidly that I didn't realize that I wasn't exactly homeless anymore until Sherlock pulled me out of the bakery. Whoever Mr. Moriarty was, he was on my good list for the time being. Mycroft though, was a different story.
What the hell was he getting at with that tone of voice when he said "friend"? That's all I was to Sherlock, if even! What the hell was he trying to imply?
Cabs aren't too keen on picking up teenagers, as we discovered rather quickly, so Sherlock and I started walking. He didn't talk much. Then again, I'd heard him talk on the phone with his brother multiple times, and Sherlock didn't like talking too much afterward. We had been walking for a few blocks when the sound of my empty stomach broke the long lasting silence. Sherlock looked over at m
:iconteamcarlisle:TeamCarlisle 7 11
Mature content
Sherlock: A Recovery Experiment 8.0 :iconteamcarlisle:TeamCarlisle 14 21
Mature content
Sherlock: A Recovery Experiment 6.0 :iconteamcarlisle:TeamCarlisle 14 6
Mature content
Sherlock: A Recovery Experiment 4.0 :iconteamcarlisle:TeamCarlisle 13 11
Sherlock: A Recovery Experiment 2.0
I didn't really want to go to boarding school, but the circumstances left few other options. I didn't like to think about them, but boarding school was upteen times better than the system. I couldn't do anything for Harry though. She was still back in London, while I was out bettering my education on the countryside. For the past few weeks, I'd been living in a grey cloud, just kind of, managing, getting by in my studies. There are some things that you just can't recover from in a short length of time, and "the event" was one of them. I'd felt these emotions before, but the difference between then and now was the fact that I didn't have anyone anymore. No one to hold onto, no one at all. No one understood. Not even Harry understood. She'd been too young the first time to understand.
The boarding school was at least decently nice, beautiful campus, though sometimes it was hard to see the beauty. The year was about finished, but I couldn't stay at my old school, and this was the only ava
:iconteamcarlisle:TeamCarlisle 13 4
No Ordinary Family 12
"Rachel! I just want to relax tonight! It's been a long day…"
"This is relaxing! Just…let loose! God knows that you're allowed to now. I let you have a quiet birthday, so now repay me with a night out." Kurt rolled his eyes, realizing that he wouldn't be escaping her clutches anytime soon, and they were already far enough away from their apartment that he couldn't run away.
"You're lucky I love you." They slowed their pace to something comfortable for Kurt in his knee high boots over his skinny jeans. Rachel told him to get dressed for a night out, at least. He had been sitting in a pair of yoga pants and a WMHS Cheerios shirt, criminal. Now he was decked out in a scarf over a black blazer and a navy blue V neck sweater. Just because it was late winter in New York didn't mean that he couldn't dress fashionably. "I just wanted to relax on my day off."
"We are relaxing, we're just relaxing outside the apartment."
"Then why are you so dressed up?" Kurt gave Rachel another once o
:iconteamcarlisle:TeamCarlisle 6 0
No Ordinary Family 11
Blaine didn't return to school immediately after the trial. George thought that it would be best to keep him out of Dalton until the news had blown over. They were the loneliest two weeks of Kurt's life. Warbler practices ceased, and the only time they convened was because they were all dreadfully bored, and they needed to vote on whether they would perform at the Spring Fling with Crawford Country Day. However, even after they voted yes, they still couldn't find the drive to actually make a set list and the meetings dissolved once more. Kurt felt like he could plank on the floor and have more fun than he already was. It was like living in the Twilight zone where everything was full of dread and life was an eternal funeral, and no one had even died!
Almost two months passed since who ordeal and Casey Anthony along with Anthony Weiner overshadowed the small town scandal. Kurt finished his classes for the day, but as he passed by the parking lot on the way to his room, he noticed that th
:iconteamcarlisle:TeamCarlisle 5 3
The Masque by TeamCarlisle The Masque :iconteamcarlisle:TeamCarlisle 0 0
No Ordinary Family 10
"Guilty on 13 counts of child abuse!"
"Oh my goodness! Blaine!"
George nearly jumped up from his seat, but Blaine's torso kept him from doing so. Judge O'Conner stood up from her seat. One of the jurors jumped over to the group, and it was at that point when the Warblers stood up as well, trying to see what the fuss was all about with their leader.
"Someone get him some water!" Kurt cried as he pushed his way out of the row and over to George and Blaine. George was fanning Blaine with a stack of papers as the juror, an EMT, took his pulse by his wrist.
"Lay him down on the ground," the man said calmly. The three of them moved the table and set Blaine down gently. "When was the last time he ate?" George and Kurt looked at each other.
"I gave him some breakfast, but he didn't eat much of it because of his nerves."
"I haven't seen him eat anything today," Kurt said with wide eyes, brimming with clear tears.
"Then it's probably just a huge drop in his blood sugar. He doesn't need water, he
:iconteamcarlisle:TeamCarlisle 8 1
Fraulein Fruhling by TeamCarlisle Fraulein Fruhling :iconteamcarlisle:TeamCarlisle 0 0


Kingsman: 30 Days OTP Challenge - Day 15 by maXKennedy Kingsman: 30 Days OTP Challenge - Day 15 :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 348 18 Kingsman: 30 Days OTP Challenge - Day 5 by maXKennedy Kingsman: 30 Days OTP Challenge - Day 5 :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 366 22 Kingsman: 30 Days OTP Challenge - Day 2 by maXKennedy Kingsman: 30 Days OTP Challenge - Day 2 :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 330 18 007 Skyfall by Brilcrist 007 Skyfall :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 2,318 84 Bon/Q comic page 5-6 by Brilcrist Bon/Q comic page 5-6 :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 955 66 Bon/Q comic page 7 by Brilcrist Bon/Q comic page 7 :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 818 116 bond/Q comic page 1-2 by Brilcrist bond/Q comic page 1-2 :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 914 33 Skyfall Q by Blip-NYA Skyfall Q :iconblip-nya:Blip-NYA 115 3 Skyfall by miraradak Skyfall :iconmiraradak:miraradak 62 17 Bond/Q comic page 3-4 by Brilcrist Bond/Q comic page 3-4 :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 1,050 114 agent down by narcomanic
Mature content
agent down :iconnarcomanic:narcomanic 82 8
Doctor Pacman (Flash game) by maxtervamp Doctor Pacman (Flash game) :iconmaxtervamp:maxtervamp 502 96
The Secretary and the Scientist, Chapter I
Chapter I:  "Lunch Break"

Written by Abri Isgrig and Diane N. Tran
Pepper Potts, the ever-respected CEO of Stark Industries, was playing waitress again.  Not that she minded, but no one else in building wanted the job — in fact, every one of them flat out refused it — because the recipient of the meals was one Dr. Bruce Banner.
When it was announced that Tony Stark had offered Banner a high-end job in the Research and Development at Stark Tower six months ago, she thought nothing of it.  Banner had the expertise, the imagination, and the genius for the work; but, to her great surprise, his mere presence caused the turnover rate at Stark Industries to skyrocket.  Nearly forty-percent of the workforce resigned.  For months, she accounted the cost and loss of employment, from recruitment to replace
:icontranimation-art:tranimation-art 18 7
Pirates of the Caribbean: Norrington by ThreshTheSky Pirates of the Caribbean: Norrington :iconthreshthesky:ThreshTheSky 585 229 How to Write Gallifreyan by BlackHatGuy How to Write Gallifreyan :iconblackhatguy:BlackHatGuy 2,397 818
"You know, he's secretly pleased to see you here."
"Yeah, he likes to see familiar faces together. It appeals to his…"
The large pile of papers made a satisfyingly large thumping sound as they hit the bottom of the recycling bin.
John smirked, rubbing his hands against the knees of his jeans in an attempt to rid them of the inevitable dust and dirt. Slowly, he stood up, straightening with a grimace, stretching his back after long hours of cleaning. Looking around the room, John saw progress.
The room was far cleaner than it had been in the morning. John, finally convinced Sherlock to move his most important papers into a cabinet and allow John to throw out or organize th
:iconmaelynnmeep:MaelynnMeep 50 81



Mrs. Dr. Cullen
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Amurika
Favourite genre of music: Soundtrack
Favourite style of art: Photography
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Personal Quote: "I think writer's block is simply the dread that you are going to write something horrible
Just as :iconhieithefallen: and I start a the sequel for A Recovery Experiment, trouble had to get in the way. I took my computer to Best Buy to fix some loose wiring (well, I assume) and I found that it would take 2-3 weeks to get it back. On top of that, I will probably lose all my files: my music, my documents, my pictures, everything. I'm glad I put all my school papers on google docs, but still, I don't have all of my music on my iPod, which upsets me. However, that's not why I'm writing.

I'm writing my chapter for A Study in Emotions, but I don't know when I'll be able to get it published. Right now, I'm doing it old school with pen and paper. I have some access to my brother's computer but I absolutely hate typing on it. So we'll see how long it takes. Then I move into school in 3 weeks. We'll see how everything goes. Just wanted to update you all!


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Funny ones: The Girls, The Cold War

Molly centric:
Molly's reward
What was Molly's gift?

Thanks again for reading.
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